For ages 1-4

Helps to know about the personality of the kid if they are Dominant, Influential, Steady or Compliant. This will help the parents to adapt better parenting styles. Eg: If the child is of dominant personality, the child does not like others to give orders or dominate. They would become unhappy and may not follow the instructions. Parents would think that the child is adamant. Similarly knowing about the child’s communication styles, interests, linguistic skills, emotional and adversity quotients will help in better parenting and a happy family

For ages 4-12

Child starts acquiring several new skills and brain development continues. DMIT can reveal the specific areas in which the child has inborn potential and areas to improve. Their learning styles and learning speed can be revealed. This will help the parents and teachers to guide the children with the right learning styles so that the child can learn easily. This will reduce stress in studies and increase self-confidence. Putting the child in right extracurricular activities in this age will help excel their skills useful for a lifetime.

For ages 12-21

This is the age when studies become major focus that the extracurricular activities. DMIT can help knowing and adapting right learning styles to make their studies easier in their most difficult subjects as well. As a deciding factor of career, DMIT can reveal the best options for the individual after 10th grade, and 12th grade in selecting the right majors and fruitful career. DMIT would also suggest the suitable industries and jobs that the individual can succeed and excel with his inborn potentials and talents. This will be helpful in planning a successful career.

For Schools

Same teacher, same books, same class but some students score more marks and some get less. Same student who gets good marks in one subject struggles to get the same in another subject. Students and teachers, both are good. Tweaking the teaching styles to learning styles of the children can give excellent results in the students. Consolidated DMIT report for the class will help the teacher to adapt suitable teaching styles. A combination of Visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles is generally employed by the teachers in general. However, to get the best results for the entire class with the same efforts, teachers can take the help of DMIT to identify the similar learning style and speed children and provide team activities among them for collaborative learning. Some new age schools are using DMIT analysis to identify talents in the children and groom them in those talents like sports, games, painting, music, dance, mathematics, debates, drama, etc. in addition to the benefit in studies.

For professionals

DMIT can help the professionals to identify the best suited industries, departments, jobs, career basing on their multiple intelligence s, linguistic skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, reasoning and creativity abilities by birth. Learnt skills will help the individual to perform the task but the inborn interests towards these abilities will motivate the individual to succeed. This in turn will complement satisfaction and happiness in what they do. Happy professionals build a beautiful world.

For corporates

DMIT can help reveal the inborn talents, inherent capabilities, interests, multiple intelligences, leadership skills, reasoning and creative skills, linguistic and emotional abilities, personality DISC profile, learning and communication styles. This will help the Human resources and managers to select right candidate for the job. DMIT assessment for the existing employees will help identify the potentials and plan for job rotations, consider changing departments, etc. Employees with inborn leadership skills can be planned for career enhancement in management. Employees with reasoning and number computation can deliver better results in Analytical and financial accounting of the company. Individuals good in creativity can better suit in research, good in linguistic and interpersonal skills can suit in Sales and marketing, etc. DMIT helps replacing the psychometry test which is biased on the answers of the individual.


For couples

DMIT for couples can help understand each other better in terms of their personalities, behaviors, interests, abilities and talents. With a better understanding about each other, they can build a happy family, help taking care of each other’s interests, emotions, situational responses, thoughts, etc. Complementing these important aspects of each other is what all the couple try to do for raising a happy family, DMIT will help transpire them to each other.


Can Reveal

  • Distribution of Brain lobes.
  • Left brain and right brain distribution.
  • learning sensitivity or learning speed.
  • multiple quotient Distribution.
  • personalty trait.
  • communication styles.
  • learning styles.
  • Multiple intelligence Distribution.
  • Extracurricular activities – best and needed.
  • Career options.
  • Better suitable Professionals.


We can know

  • Inborn talents.
  • Inherent capabilities.
  • God gifted potentials by birth.
  • Strengths and areas to improve.
  • Reasoning and creativity skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • self management.
  • linguistic, visual and artistic abilities.
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  • Gross motor and fine motor proficiency.
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