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Aruna K
Parenting Coach, Career Councellor & a Brain Trainer

Here Is What You Will Discover:

 How to identify the inborn talents of your child!
How to leverage the learning style of your child and get best in studies and also in all extra curricular activities!
 How to guide and prepare your child for the best career!
How to know the creative abilities, logical abilities, leadership skills, observation and grasping power!
 How to identify the behavioural pattern and emotional intelligence!
How to bring out the best version of your child!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Live Event

1. Gift a stress free life to your child and happy parenting experience for yourself.
2. With lesser efforts of parenting, achieve high level of success of your children.

3. Learning the Modern Parenting style needed for the 2K gen and Alpha gen Children.

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